You Raise Me Up


Arranger:  Emerson

Lyrics:  Brendon Graham & Rolf Lovland

Terms and Conditions:

By paying the hire fee you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions:

  • You will NOT reproduce the item in any way
  • You will return the hired items in the condition they were provided
  • You will return the items within 3 months unless otherwise agreed in writing

Any breach of these conditions will lead to part or all of your BOND being retained to replace the misplaced or ruined music.


Initial SAMPLE

Select this item when you require 1 copy to be forwarded for assessment.

Includes postage.

Item is to be returned in 1 month unless further items are hired.

Additional hires


The price is for each copy of the item.

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A fully refundable BOND is charged on a per item basis at the above rate.

Please indicate the number of items you require.

Postage will be deducted from your BOND.

Example: If you hire 40 copies at a cost of $40, your BOND is 40 x $1 = $40.