We are a non-profit and non-denominational organisation fostering the love of music in our community.
Past Competitions
CHIME has performed in local, national and international competitions.
While winning is not a core CHIME philosophy, performing to at a high standard is. When representing Australia on the international stage we are proud of the legacy we continue to create.

3rd Choir Olympics, 2004, Bremen, Germany


The choir participated in 3 categories over the two weeks of competition. Once again the results achieved were outstanding.


Silver IX (19.25 pts) Category 23 - Popular Choir Music

Silver VI (15.84 pts) Category 22 - Gospel, Spiritual

Silver V (14.85 pts) Category 24 - Folklore a cappella

1st Choir Olympics, 2000, Linz, Austria


The choir participated in 6 categories over the two weeks. In hindsight this was a monumental work load, but the outstanding results made it all worth while.

Silver IX (19.42 pts) Category 25 - Popular Choir Music

Silver VII (16.09 pts) Category 24 - Gospel & Spiritual

Silver IV (14.33 pts) Category 27 - Folklore with Instrumental

Silver 1 (11.03 pts) Category 20 - Contemporary Music

Bronze VII (6.64 pts) Category 18 - Sacred Music

Bronze VI (5.75 pts) Category 7 - Chamber Choir

Eisteddfods & Competitions

On an infrequent basis CHIME participates in the local eisteddfods.
 Year  Eisteddfod  Result
 2006  ABC Radio National competition  Highly regarded , but was not placed
 2003  Waverley Eisteddfod  Runner up - Open Choral section
 1997  Waverley Eisteddfod  Honourable mention - Open Choral section
 1995  Chapel on Chapel, South Yarra  Runner-up - awarded prize money