We are a non-profit and non-denominational organisation fostering the love of music in our community.
Membership Fees

Our fees are among the lowest in Melbourne.

Our standard of performance is among the highest.

Chorister Fees:

  • An annual fee is paid, with a sliding prorata scale for partial membership
  • Adults          $250, including the $60 trust account
  • Students     $160, including the $60 trust account
  • Supporters   $50

         Discounts apply for early payment.


  • Our year is divided into three seasons
  • Autumn season (Feb -to May): fees apply
  • Winter season (Jun to Aug): fees apply
  • Xmas season (Sep to Dec): free


  • Events for which CHIME is paid may result in small honararia being paid to choristers.

Trust Account:

  • Over the years CHIME has lost a significant quantity of original music. The Trust Account is your money, held by CHIME, from which deductions may be made if music is lost or defaced.
  • On leaving CHIME, the balance of the Trust Account is returned to you.